Student GIS Projects
3D Visualization of the Lower Quinnipiac River Redevelopment Corridor--by Natalia Hoyos and Ned Kalapasev
Brownfield to Golf a Recreation Alternative--Steven Durdy
Greenway Suitability Analysis for the Lower Quinnipiac River Watershed--Christina Lapage and Lisa Vasilakos
Mortaliy Rates in the United States--Scott Arena
New Haven Harbor Sediment Classification Map--Sara Ignudo
Surface Characteristics of State Street Corridor, Hamden --Susan Lane
Targeting Brownfield Sites In Handem Connecticut--John Turbeville

Student Projects and Theses
Potential Impacts of the Proposed Galleria at Long Wharf on the Biological, Chemical, and Socioeconomic Aspects of the Local New Haven Environment --Sara Ignudo


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