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Quinnipiac River Watershed & Region Geographic Information System

Web Page Overview -June 1, 1999

Developed and Maintained by the:

Graduate Program in Environmental Science
Department of Biology and Environmental Science
University of New Haven
300 Orange Avenue
West Haven, CT 06516

Principle Investigator:

Roman N. Zajac
Associate Professor
Biology and Environmental Science

Funded by:

Quinnipiac River Fund (The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven)
Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
University of New Haven

Welcome to the Geographic Information System (GIS) for the Quinnipiac River Watershed and Region (QRWR), including the Mill River and West River watersheds. The GIS has been developed as a resource for anyone working in these watersheds and we hope that it will be of value with regard to efforts in several areas including education, citizen information, resource protection and management, and research. The creation of the QRWR GIS Web Page is the culmination of the development of the GIS over the past several years, with primary funding from the Quinnipiac River Fund. Portions of the GIS were developed within the scope of a Non-Point Source Pollution (NPS) Study being conducted jointly by Yale University, The University of New Haven and the Quinnipiac River Watershed Association and funded by the State of Connecticut Dept. of Environmental protection and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Many of the GIS coverages included here were originally created by the Connecticut DEP and metadata are available at the University of Connecticut GIS website (

The development of the QRWR GIS has been a mutual effort by the PI, GIS instructors (Sandy Prisloe and Daniel DePodesta) and graduate students at the University of New Haven. Significant contributions have been made by Susan Hung, Susan Wilson Farquanson, Joanna Dowgialo, Dave Selger, Ed King, Jana Newman, Kristen Cramer, James Athey, Anne Gallup, Colleen Sawicki, Terry Gensel, Darrell Allen, Tom DePietro, Chris Dodson, Jennifer Howald, John Schmidt, Chastity Jock, Katy DeChiaro and Lisa Vasilakos. We would like to extend special thanks to Eros deSilva for compiling the coverage of toxic waste and regulatory action sites.

The GIS download portion of this web site was developed by John Oswald and Darrell Allen.

The GIS Atlas portion of the website was developed by Chastity Jock.

Enhancements to the QRWGIS website where made by Swee Huan Ho.
September 2001

We would also like to express our thanks to Nancy Alderman and the board of the QRF for their continued support of this project.

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