This on-line atlas is part of the Quinnipiac River Watershed GIS supported by the Quinnipiac River Fund. The main purpose of the atlas is to provide 1) maps depicting various types of information for each sub-basin in the watershed, 2) reports and other types of information about the watershed and 3) links to other web sites which focus on the QRW and/or provide related information. The maps and reports can be downloaded and we hope that they prove to be a valuable resource to the residents of the watershed and those concerned with protecting and restoring this important natural resource in Connecticut. In particular, we hope that, in conjunction with other web sites focusing on the watershed, this atlas will be especially valuable to teachers and students in primary and secondary schools, as they explore their watershed.

Quinnipiac River Watershed Maps and Data

Information on the Quinnipiac River Watershed and Related Links

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