R. Laurence Davis
Professor, Earth and Environmental Sciences
Coordinator, Undergraduate Environmental Science Program

Email: <rldavis@charger.newhaven.edu
Phone: (203) 932-7108
Fax: (203) 931-6097

Educational Background:

Fields of Interest:

Environmental Geology, Geology and Land Use, Geology and Public Policy, Hydrology and Hydrogeology, Geomorphology, Resource Management and Energy Problems, Engineering Geology.

Current Research Interest

Dr. Larry Davis, who teaches our environmental geology courses, conducts research in several areas of environmental geology and hydrogeology including: 1) regional karst hydrology in the Bahamas, 2) the applications of geology to land use planning and resource management, 3) assessment and remediation of ground water pollution, 4) watershed and ground water management and protection and 5) natural hazards.

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Selected Publications:

Erdman, Jason; Key, Marcus M, Jr.; and Davis, R. Laurence.1997. "Hydrogeology of the Cockburn Town Aquifer, San Salvador Island, Bahamas, and the Change in Water Quality Resulting from the Development of a Resort Community" in Carew, James L., ed. Proceedings of the 8th Conference on the Geology of the Bahamas and Other Carbonate Regions. San Salvador, Bahamas: Bahamian Field Station. pp. 47-58.

Godfrey, Paul J.; Edwards, D. Craig; Davis, R. Laurence; and Gerace, Donald T. 1995. "Opening a ‘New World’ in a Bahamian Wilderness: Ecological Exploration and its Consequences on San Salvador Island" in Proceedings of the 1994 Conference. Association of Marine Laboratories of the Caribbean.

Godfrey, Paul Jeff.; Davis, R. Laurence; Edwards, D. Craig; and Smith, Robert L. 1994. Natural History of Northeastern San Salvador Island: A :"New World:" in the New World. Bahamian Field Station Trail Guide. San Salvador, Bahamas: Bahamian Field Station.

Davis, R. Laurence. 1991. "Introduction" and "How to Use This Bibliography". in Bibliography and Index of New Hampshire Geology. R. Laurence Davis, ed. Concord, N.H.: New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services-Geological Survey.

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Davis, R. Laurence and Johnson, Calvin R., Jr. 1990. "The Karst Hydrology of San Salvador Island, Bahamas". in Mylroie, John E., ed. Proceedings of the 4th Symposium on the Geology of the Bahamas. San Salvador, Bahamas: Bahamian Field Station. pp. 118-136.