Projects Supported by the

Quinnipiac River Fund


The Quinnipiac River Fund
The fund is designed to benefit the community through the promotion of projects focuses on research, public access, land use planning, land acquisition, habitat restoration, advocacy, and education on the Quinnipiac River and New Haven Harbor. The Fund supports projects that will help to improve both the quality and our understanding of the Quinnipiac River, New Haven Harbor and it's surrounding water sheds.

Non-profit organizations that are tax exempt, charitable and educational in purpose, or individuals sponsored by such organizations, are eligible for funds. Generally, the Foundation makes grants to 501 (c)(3) organizations.

Funding Considerations:
Grants are made for future, planned expenditures and are not to be used to cover deficits or previously incurred obligations. Funds are not given for existent overhead costs. Funds are granted for one year . If additional time is needed, the Foundation may consider subsequent request for renewal support based upon project evaluation. In 1994, the Foundation gave out over fifty-five thousand dollars in grants. These grants were awarded to organizations woth projects focused on improving the Quinnipiac River. Generally, individual grants will not exceed $5,000.

Potential Projects:
The Fund may be use to research the ecology of the Quinnipiac River and New Haven Harbor; study the pollution in these water bodies; improve the health of these waterbodies, remediation, land acquistion for conservation purposes or improved access, public education, and advocacy purposes other than litigation. This list is meant to be illustrative, and not exclusive of any potential projects.


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